About Us

About Nix Cleaning

Legal Status

Nix Cleaning and Sanitation Services Ltd is a Private Company Limited by shares and registered in accordance with Section 138 of the Companies Act of 2015

The Company was registered in December 2018 and our registered offices are in Nairobi

Services We Provide

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The Process

Our Approach

We are a customer-centric entity, whose customer is at the heart of all our solutions and operations

In all our customer interactions, we endeavor to establish client requirements and expectations. Once done, we strive to exceed the same
Company Mission
Our Vision
Our Philosophy
To provide a full spectrum of cleaning and sanitation solutions through well-trained, equipped, experienced professionals and practical processes for the benefit of all stakeholders
To be a market leader in Kenya within the cleaning and sanitation space, by providing consistent, sustainable, and innovative solutions
We go the extra mile in all our dealings, aiming to delight all our stakeholders by meeting and exceeding set standards

Our Core Values

Professionalism: We equip and train all our teams to enable them to carry out given assignments with the right attitude, sound knowledge, skill, and experience
Integrity: Our teams are comprised of individuals who have been thoroughly vetted and nurtured to maintain honesty, transparency, and accountability when carrying out their day-to-day assignments
Respect: As an entity, we encourage acceptance and open mindedness in interactions within our diverse teams and/or with stakeholders
Customer Centricity: Our customer is the epicenter of all our solutions and assignments. We endeavor to delight them and exceed set expectations
Innovation: We continuously encourage creativity when designing solutions to meet client needs. We seek to customize and improve our service offering through consistent research for new and improved service delivery techniques, products, and technology